Siena Capital Partners invests in community banks behind strong management teams with a long-term investment horizon.

Management Driven
Siena invests in community banks run by management teams who have experienced both good credit cycles and poor ones.

Long Term Investment Horizon
Siena has a long-term investment horizon. We believe that the best community bank investments succeed by compounding strong returns on equity over a long period of time.

Value Driven
Siena understands that community banks will come in and out of favor with the stock market, but good community banks continue to build intrinsic value which eventually will reward disciplined, patient, value-driven investors.

Open to Illiquid Situations
Siena makes investments in both public and private companies. We do not shy away from an investment due to a perceived lack of liquidity. 

Highly Diversified
Siena's portfolio is highly diversified with investments in community banks of varying sizes in many types of communities across the country.